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Exorcist is a hidden object game with a dark side, featuring creepy locations, and an odd assortment of helps to assist players move through the adventure.

The Exorcist game plot features hero Garret Ghostfighter. Garret was given an unusual gift at birth…the ability to see demons. Now he will utilize his gift to defeat the ultimate evil Mephisto.

Mephisto has sent a letter that moves Garret to proceed on an adventure to not just find Mephisto, but to destroy him once and for all. Along the way, Garret may find the truth about Margo, the love of his life. Evil is found everywhere in Exorcist. Garret must use the resources available to him, including his unique "gift", to eliminate it along the way.

Exorcist’s dreary scenes keep the game interesting, and convey the dark nature of this adventure. The useful tutorial at the game's beginning is also a plus.

Hidden object fans with a desire for a darker edge are sure to enjoy Exorcist.

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